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music by J Kyle Gregory, "the wind blows where it pleases"

J Kyle Gregory, trumpet and composer

Roberto Bonisolo, tenor sax

Aldo Zunino, bass

Alfred Kramer, drums

  • Across the Golden Gate Bridge--J Kyle Gregory

    The soundtrack is from a tune of mine, "The Wind Blows Where It Pleases" on Robert Bonisolo's new quartet album. It's an appropriate title for this little adventure, one hand on the steering wheel guiding my rented Smart car in high wind conditions across the bay while holding on to the camera with my other hand. Not a smart move, perhaps, but I survived and got the video, shaky as it is (hope it doesn't make you sick). Check out the rest of Robert's excellent Cd, "OPEN THE CAGE" at: http://www.egeamusic.com/news.aspx?ID=8015948301869&p=0&a=BONISOLO%20ROBERT