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Sep 17, 2013

Fall 2013 news

NEXT UPCOMING LIVE PERFORMANCE:  Saturday, September 21, Cucuru Gallery, in Old Colorado City, 8-10:30 pm

Dear friends,

Welcome to my site. 

This Fall I am going to be busy with my continuing work with Via Affirmativa, connecting artists and arts lovers, both locally and internationally, serving as a catalyst to collaborations that make beauty and intercultural friendship accessible to more and more people.

I'll also be busy with my new house concert movement, SOUL s  p  a  c  e, organizing performances in the homes of friends with my new quartet.  If you live in Colorado, and might be interested in hosting a performance, please let me know.

I'm also excited about becoming the director of a new big band in Colorado Springs, the Academy Big Band, made up entirely of music teachers from the excellent school district in which our kids attend school, Academy District 20.

Our family enjoyed a wonderful summer reconnecting with our dear friends in Italy, and this past August we were deeply encouraged by the experience of participating in our 8th annual Via Affirmativa Gathering in Colorado Springs.

I hope we will cross paths in the near future!



cell:  719-426-0563

email: pastaboy5@yahoo.com