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blog: the road from beauty to becoming

Sep 25, 2013

be yourself

My trumpet teacher used to say to me, “Well, Kyle, it takes some people longer than others!”

How is it that it has taken me the better part of fifty years on this planet to figure some of this stuff out?  Of course it’s one thing to say it, and another thing to do it, but to say the right thing—the deep truth about your own life—is surely a most significant step in the right direction.


And so, dear friends, with thanks to all the gracious people who are helping me to learn from my limitations, insecurities, and mistakes, I say to myself and also to you:


Be yourself.  Make it your best self as often as you can.  And when your less than best self shows up, accept that, too.  Say “I'm sorry” whenever necessary.  It’s much better not to hide. Then others around you will also feel safe to take off their “See, I’m doing great!” mask. 


Give the people you love, your family and friends, the irreplaceable gift of your presence. In the end, that’s what they most deeply desire and need. Nothing is more precious these days than to give someone your full and undivided attention. 


To do this consistently, you’re probably going have to radically scale back your aspirations and your schedule.  Every encounter with another human being is an opportunity for greatness if you simply see them and hear them with empathy.


Try your very best to believe that you are loved just as you are.


Peace, everybody!