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blog: the road from beauty to becoming

Oct 1, 2013

the function of art

To see and perceive.
To hear and understand.

To see and hear through the scenes and sounds of our daily life to the deeper-meaning-world, which can be lived in, in this time and place. It can only be entered with feeling.

Everybody knows you don't listen to a Ravel piano concerto just to hear the sound of a piano.  You don't look at Van Gogh's Starry Night (I saw the original a few years ago!) just to see chunky blotches of midnight blue and golden-yellow paint.  The piano is much more than the piano.  Hear deeper.  The paint is much more than the paint.  See deeper.

This is the function of art.  It makes us conscious of life’s deeper dimension, and of our responsibility and freedom to awaken our perception and understanding with imagination.  Faith is re-imagining reality. 

I came downstairs early Sunday morning and saw my sixteen-year-old son Nicholas asleep on the living room couch with our golden retriever Ella laying with her back up against the couch right below him and I saw through to feel the preciousness of it.