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Jan 20, 2014

jkg update

January 20, 2014

Yo friends, near and far!  Un abbraccio a tutti i miei cari amici italiani!

More than a year down the road, I am happy to report that some people have come onto my horizon that I am really enjoying.  The hardest thing about moving for this season of life away from Verona, is being far from my Italian peeps--everyone in the family would say the same thing.

Well my Italian peeps will remain my peeps forever, but now there are some Colorado Springs faces to keep in my mind and heart that are also becoming precious to me.  Filling your life with good people is surely a key to living the good life, and I've found some wonderful people here in Colorado Springs.A number of my new friends are musicians that I have the pleasure of making music with, playing in local venues, and promoting house concerts to connect with new listeners.

I am staying busy with my work with Via Affirmativa, including building connections with local artists and art lovers in the Springs.

I am putting together a new initiative to bring the arts to people through educational concerts and workshops called "The School of Inner Wealth."  I hope it doesn't sound too pretentious, but I do deeply believe that inner wealth is much more important to our quality of life than material wealth.  I imagine quite a few of you are with me in that!

I hope we get the chance to talk, face-to-face, or through cyberspace, in the coming months.

Buon anno a tutti!  

Happy New Year!