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blog: the road from beauty to becoming

Feb 28, 2014

on art making: how to be a happy artist

1. Love and accept yourself apart from your work, you are worthy of love and acceptance not because you are better, but because you are a human being

2. Don't compare your work to others, be faithful to your own vision

3. Focus on growth rather than success, over the long-term, improving the quality of your work will give you your best chance at making enough money to keep doing your work (or marry someone rich)

4. Remember why you loved your field in the beginning and stay connected to those sources of inspiration

5. Stay grateful that you get to follow your passion in your vocation, most people don't have that privilege

6. Surround yourself with fellow artists who are learners, one of the great things about art is that there is always more to learn

7. Offer your attention and support to colleagues and stop depersonalizing them as competitors

8. Surrender frustration over being overlooked, we're all overlooked (except Beyonce)

9. Work hard and long to become prolific, that alone is within your control, excellence is always the product of long hours of learning from experience

10. Be a giver, not a taker, we are public servants, not celebrities, unless our work is born, perfected, and offered out of generosity it is all wrong