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Mar 1, 2016

Hello from Beijing

March 2, 2016

Dear friends, 

Well, the day has finally now come and a new chapter in our adventure begins in China. I arrived just a few days ago with a massive cold, which has complicated things, because at this point I am depending on student translators for teaching my classes, and I can't pronounce things correctly!

I am very impressed with the warmth and openness of the colleagues and students I have met. I am figuring out new words every day to add to my severely restricted vocabulary. I am much missing my family in the States (with Emi in Spain) and my friends in Italia, and hope to have the energy to tell the story of my journey here so that all will feel included. Please travel with me.

My future blog postings will be on the new site I created a few months ago to help network aesthetic communities (groups of art makers and art lovers who meet together to learn to enjoy and creaty beauty in ways that are transformative for their lives and communities) at:


I hope to see you there, but I will keep making occasional postings on this page as well.

I have my first big band rehearsal here tonight! Wish me well, and I wish you all the same!