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Listening to life.

We thought the internet age would bring us together. Rather it often appears that we are more divided and alone. 

Nexus shapes social spaces for face-to-face connections, guided by the core conviction that everybody belongs. That means everybody deserves to be seen, heard, and valued. When we get up close and personal, our common humanity emerges and empowers us. 

We’re a loose international network of people from different professional backgrounds and cultures, who believe in a process: listening together to our lives. We’re not interested in ideologies which divide our societies. We mine the common ground of human experience. There are no experts when it comes to living. We are all students, we are all teachers.

Our events pivot from shared encounters with song and story, to conversations that explore their meanings for our unfolding journeys. We celebrate   diverse backgrounds, belief systems, generations, and perspectives as a tremendous asset, enriching our learning.

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